Uniaxial compressive strength, and Elastic constants


Uniaxial compressive strength

The following procedure was performed for UCS-A tests as below:

  • Check the ability of the spherical seat to rotate freely in its socket before each test.
  • Place the lower platen on the base of the loading device. Wipe clean the bearing faces of the upper and lower platens and of the test specimen, and place the test specimen on the lower platen. Place the upper platen on the specimen and align properly. A small axial load, approximately 100 N, may be applied to the specimen by means of the loading device to properly seat the bearing parts of the apparatus.
  • Apply the axial load continuously and without shock until the load becomes constant, reduces, or a predetermined amount of strain is achieved. Apply the load in such a manner as to produce as constant as feasible throughout the test. The strain rate selected such that failure occur in a test time between 5 and 15 min. During the test the displacement-force is recorded.


ucs test

Capabilities of uniaxial test apparatus:

  • Using Servo control system
  • Maximum load force: 500 ton
  • Equipped with data Acquisition system
  • Rate of axial strain: According to ISRM standard


Triaxial Compression test