This instrument is widely used to observe inclination in various projects. It can be used as a permanent or temporary observation device and the data can be obtained manually or remotely via data acquisition system.

Folowrd tiltmeters are designed to measure inclination in biaxial or uniaxial configuration, the device is based on high precision Inclinometer sensors embedded in a waterproof housing, the size of the device can be customized to meet the project requirement.

This instrument can be used to:

  • Monitor Inclination in Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Large structures
  • Underground activity induced deformation
  • Inclination in Dams

Product Serial

Model IT101


Condition Value Units
Sensor type biaxial digital MEMS tiltmeter
Measuring range (1) Nominal ±15






Sensitivity between 0…1° 16




Typical non-linearity Measuring range ±0.057 0
Resolution Measuring range 0.1 mm/m
Sensitivity temperature dependency -25…85°C (typical)

-40…125°C (max)





Total accuracy (linearity+hysteresis+repeatability) <±0.05% FS
Repeatability <0.005% FS (0.0015°)
Supply voltage Internal rechargeable 12v Li-ion Battery
Storage temperature -55  ……+90 °C
Operating temperature -40  …….+125 °C
Mechanical shock Drop from 1 meter onto a concrete surface (20000g). Powered or non-powered
Communication interface RS485
Logger Compatible with RUD600,RUD400 ,Central Readout units or Local Display
Borehole Deformation GageBOREHOLE CAMERA