Folowrd’s Pressure cells are kind of piezoelectric sensors with stainless steel body structure which can measure pressure in different ranges according to customer’s order. pressure cells with circle section are suitable for measuring pressure in piles and foundations. the other rectangle section pressure cells are perfect for tunnel segments.  so the diameter and shape of the cell is all customize.

This equipment is consisting of two plates of metal that has been weld together from one side. Between the plates is filled with a special liquid that will transfer the stress into the plates. The pressure in liquid will sense by diaphragm type sensors. The output of the sensors will transfer into electrical signal and will be sent to data logger to be read and analyzed. They will embed in concrete or behind shotcrete layers’ perpendicular to measure spot changes in situ tangential and radial stresses of ground. It’s important to stiffness of pressure cell and surrounding material to have almost equal stiffens. During to above mentioned phenomenon, Pressure cells of Folowrd company are designed uniquely for every project’s condition.


  • Underground mines
  • Large Underground Spaces
  • Tunnels
  • Piles and Foundations
  • Guard structures
  • Road Construction


* Determining the value, direction and distribution of total stress on embankment dams

* Evaluating correspondence of embankment dam’s consolidation and designed parameters

*Estimating effective stress on foundation


  • Every instrument is guaranteed by Folowrd company.
  • Instruments are readable by Folowrd special data loggers.
  • All instruments are shipped with calibration forms
 Product Serial  FIP-EPC
Model PC300
Metrological parameters
Range 1 … 700 bar Depend on customer order
Accuracy ≤ ±0.5% of FS
Long-term stability ≤ accuracy for 3 years
Thermal error < ±0.08 FSO
Thermal compensation range -25 …. 80 C
Electrical parameters
Power supply 12 … 330 VDC
Output signal 4…20 mA
Logger Compatible with RUD600,RUD400 ,Central Readout units
Operating conditions
Operating temperature range (ambient temp.) -40 … +85 C
Medium temperature range -40…120°C
Diameter & Length Depend on customer order
Material Stainless Steel
Water Level IndicatorCLINOMETER