The model 9004, 9007 and 9013 piezometers are designed with different accuracy, resolution and capacity. The pizoemeter is used to measure fluid pressures such as ground water elevations and pore pressures when buried in embankments, fills, etc. Also in boreholes, observation wells and other wells when the accurate pressure of fluid is important.

This device is generally used to measure the water level and pore pressure in different environments and situations. Although some models are able to monitor the amount of water pressure. Sensors are piezoelectric, crystal and resistive type sensors according to model and project requirements which are best fit to artesian and wet ground conditions.



  • Ground water and surface water monitoring
  • Well monitoring
  • Pump tests
  • Uplift pressure in dam foundations
  • Hydraulic pressure in tanks and pipelines
  • Sea water depth monitoring
  • Determining the water pressure in slope stability calculations
  • Control of the efficiency in embankment dams
  • Control of the efficiency of drainage systems
  • Measurement of pore water pressure in embankment dams

*Every instrument is guaranteed by Folowrd company.

*Instruments are readable by Folowrd special dataloggers.

*All instruments are shiped with calibration forms.


Standard range 100,250,400,600 KPa

1,2.5,6,10,25,60 MPa

Overall Length 200 mm
Resolution 0.025% F.S. (minimum)
Accuracy F.S. ±0.1%
Temp. -20ºC to +80ºc