Load cells are essential tools in every geotechnical projects which Bolts, and Tendons are being used. Folowrd’s electrical Load cells with Strain Gauge sensors, like another Folowrd’s productions are manufacturing according to customer’s order.  types of materials, diameters, capacity, accuracy and water proofing feature is order-able.

Load Cell consists of a ring-shaped stainless steel body. Electrical strain gauges with full bridge configuration are made to insure every little increment in loading will be read. Also, Special Load cell data logger manufactured by Folowrd bring desire accuracy for all conditions.

Folowrd can produce Load cell with variety ranges and sizes according to customer’s offer. Loadcells are designed to serve all geotechnical conditions like artesian aquifer.



  • Retaining walls
  • Deep Excavations
  • Tunneling
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Tie-backs
  • Struts
  • Rock bolts
  • Landslides
  • Dams
  • Pumped-storage hydroelectricity



  • Completely seal in wet condition
  • stainless steel structure
  • Load distribution plates available
  • Dynamic testing possible
  • Accommodates eccentric loading
  • resistive sensors
  • Data logger compatible
  • Available with plug
  • All cells are tested and calibrated with individual calibration report
  • All instruments are installed by Folowrd experienced staffs


Ancillary Equipment:

  • Manual Readouts
  • Data loggers
  • Load distribution plates
  • Cable with connectors


Bridge Resistance 120 Ω up to 720 Ω
Over range Capacity 150%
Sensitivity %0.01 Full Scall
Accuracy %0.1 Full Scall
Temperature Range -20°C +60°C
Material High Strength Steel
Output Signal mV/V