Crack Meters are mechanical LVDT base sensor instruments which can monitor crack openings in 2 or 3 directions. They can be used in buildings, tunnels, segments and dams. The 2D crack meter, monitor crack growing in x and y directions and is suitable for buildings. Except of x and y directions, 3D crack meters can monitor crack growth in z direction which is important in tunnels and dam projects. Crack meter are typically used for monitoring tension cracks behind slopes and cracks in concrete or other structures under tension. Observation on fracturing in a rock surface can provide some really useful and critical information about the behavior at depth.


  • Large concrete structures
  • Tunnels
  • Foundations
  • Shaft’s linings
  • Buildings, Dams, Bridges



Mechanical crack meter 

This type is suitable when there is access to device. Also there is no need to read crack meter continuously.  

Electrical Crack meter    

Easy access to measuring data by electronic connections make crack meters applicable in every situation plus high resolution and accuracy come from electronic system.


Benefits of this device:

  • It is easy to install (by concrete gun)
  • It can read data continuously
  • It can be read manually and/or digitally
  • Design and range is up to project›s requirements