Coordiscope is portable optical precision instrument to measure the horizontal movement of a direct or inverted pendulum wire in relation to the set plate in two axes. Pendulum is used to precise measuring of elevated constructions such as towers, concrete dams and caverns.

Product Serial FIP-OTC
Model PE300
Parameter Condition Value
Sensor type 5000 Pixel CCD Linear
Measuring system contactless
Measurement area X-axis:   70mm

Y-axis:   70mm

Resolution 0.02 mm
Total accuracy X-axis: 0.1mm

Y-axis: 0.1mm

Repeatability X-axis: ±0.05mm

Y-axis: ±0.05mm

Supply voltage ±15 VDC
Storage temperature -30  ……+80 °C
Operating temperature -10  …….+55 °C
Lens Zenit  58mm
Communication interface RS485
Logger and Display Compatible with RUD600,RUD400 ,Centeral Readout units