Borehole Tracker Inclinometer

Folowrd‘s borehole inclinometer is a competent package and one of the bests among the similar instruments which ore provided by the other companies. The instrument provides comprehensive data of inclination, dip, dip direction and stationary coordinate of the borehole in all ground conditions such as magnetic, nonmagnetic, drenched and etc.

The data are obtainable from a micro SD card or special Bluetooth data logger. The data that are achieved from the borehole could be tabled and plotted by the operator and borehole inclination could be illustrated in 3 dimensional space.

Product Serial FIP-DMIS
Model IT104
Parameter Condition Value Units
Sensor type Magnetic sensor
Tilt Range From Horizontal ±80 degrees
Tilt Accuracy 0° to ±15° ±1 degrees
±15° to ±60° ±2
Tilt Resolution Output Data 0.1 degrees
Tilt Repeatability Output Data (1σ) ±0.2 degrees
Field Range total applied magnetic field -1500 … +1500 mgauss
(de-gauss if exposed to >5gauss)
Heading Accuracy At Level 2 deg RMS
±15° tilt 3
±60° tilt 4
Heading Resolution Output Data 0.1 degrees
Heading Output Data (1σ) ±0.3 degrees
Supply voltage Internal rechargeable 12v Li-ion Battery
Storage temperature -55  ……+125 °C
Operating temperature -40  …….+85 °C
Logger and Display 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen,800*480 – Windows CE6.0 embedded-  RUD600 Model
Mechanical shock Drop from 1 meter onto a concrete surface (20000g). Powered or non-powered
Communication interface Bluetooth V2