Borehole Inclinometer

Borehole inclinometer by Folowrd is a unique instrument which can monitor every little inclination of borehole in all orientations. the borehole inclinometers are used in wellbores to orient a drilled well. Also 3D tilt meters by Folowrd are suitable for monitoring tilts of buildings.


  • Measure the slope of buildings, dams, dikes, extraction walls, open pits.
  • Determine the alignment of building’s foundations, road construction.
  • Control and measure the side movements in slurry walls, tunnels, unbalanced slopes, masses.


Inclinometer and Tilt meter are used to monitor the changes in rotation of points on or in the ground or a structure. They usually consist of a gravity-sensing transducer that has been located in a suitable housing. Folowrd’s tilt meters are blocked shape boxes installed on a flat plate. This instrument has ability to measure tilt in X & Y direction which is written on tilt meters’ boxes. So tilt in all directions than X&Y plane can be calculated. Inclinometers are probes which are used in boreholes for measuring azimuth and incline degree from a calibrated base direction.  They include wire with depth indicator.  The inclinometers can be used in vertical, inclined and horizontal wells Also Folowrd’s special software is designed to indicate tilt and inclination

Borehole inclinometer have been made to measure the inclination of both soil and rock slopes. By moving down the borehole, the data which are needed to monitor horizontal and vertical movement’s gradient, are obtained.


Ability to observe casing rotation

  • Measuring the direction and value of movement in natural slopes, open pits and surface excavations.
  • Measuring vertical deflection of bridge foundations, retaining walls and cut off walls.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the state of wellbores, tunnels and stability

Product Serial

Model IT100
Parameter Condition Value Units
Sensor type biaxial digital MEMS inclinometer
Measuring range (1) Nominal ±15 °
±0.26 g
±258 mm/m
Sensitivity between 0…1° 16 V/g
280 mV/°
Typical non-linearity Measuring range ±0.057 0
Resolution Measuring range 0.1 mm/m
Sensitivity temperature dependency -25…85°C (typical) ±0.013 %/°C
-40…125°C (max) -2.5…+1 %
Total accuracy (linearity+hysteresis+repeatability) <±0.05% FS
Repeatability <0.005% FS (0.0015°)
Sensor type Magnetic sensor
Field Range total applied magnetic field -1500 … +1500
(de-gauss if exposed to >5gauss) mgauss
Heading Accuracy At Level 2
±15° tilt 3
±60° tilt 4
deg RMS
Heading Resolution Output Data 0.1
Heading Output Data (1σ) ±0.3
Repeatability degrees
Supply voltage Internal rechargeable 12v Li-ion Battery
Storage temperature -55  ……+90 °C
Operating temperature -40  …….+125 °C
Logger and Display 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen,800*480 – Windows CE6.0 embedded-  RUD600 Model
Mechanical shock Drop from 1 meter onto a concrete surface (20000g). Powered or non-powered
Communication interface Bluetooth V2
Borehole Tracker Inclinometer