Borehole Cameras by Folowrd are high tech cameras which can filming boreholes in every ground condition. Oil industry and mining explorations can be benefiting this tool for monitoring wells and decide about further step with open eyes.

Folowrd borehole cameras consist of a cylinder of high strength stainless steel with special lighting and imaging devices. The small diameter borehole camera allows the unit to be used in 38mm stand pipe piezometers. Borehole video data collection is controlled by FIP-WLOG software. A simple to operate application, running on a PC. Special function includes real-time display of video recording, text overlay, frame-grabs to file or print and picture caption. Video data is recorded to disk in a standard MPEG video file, viewable with windows media player and other similar softwares. Folowrd offers a wide range of Borehole Cameras to be used in every desired application. All models include internal lighting and range of external lighting is available diameter up to 1 meter. Folowrd borehole cameras are pressured-water tight up to 150 m. Special servo control winches are available for lowering the camera, in smooth and steady speed while precisely indicating the current depth, which is obtained from a Rotary encoder embedded in winch and is displayed in lower part of the screen with less than 1 cm resolution. Hence this device could be used to precisely determine every visual matter and its depth, like water table, casing shrinkage or disturbance in wall as well as joints.