Folowrd Knowledge Corporation was founded


According to the Public Relations Department of Folowrd, by assessing the knowledge base of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology. Folowrd Industrial Projects Company joined the country’s knowledgeable companies.

Knowledge base company is defined in accordance with the law protecting corporations and institutions of knowledge and commercializing innovations and inventions as follows:

Knowledge base


The corporations and institutions of knowledge are the foundations of a private or cooperative enterprise that is designed to co-operate with science and wealth, the development of a knowledge-based economy, the realization of scientific and economic goals (including the development and application of invention and innovation), and the commercialization of research and development results (including design And the production of goods and services) in the field of high technology and high added value, especially in the production of related software.

According to the Law on the Protection of Knowledge Based Companies, Flood can take advantage of the benefits of using fund facilities of knowledge-based companies and insurance facilities for 2 years, by obtaining this license. It is hoped that this event will be a step forward in the advancement of products and more customer satisfaction.