Deploying Folowrd’s team in Alborz Science and Technology Park

According to the Public Relations Department of Folowrd Industrial Project Company, with the assessment of the Alborz Science and Technology Park, Folowrd Industrial Project Company was added to the park’s subsidiaries.

The Science and Technology Park is an organization run by professional whose main goal is to increase the wealth of society by encouraging and promoting a culture of innovation and increasing competitiveness among companies and institutions that rely on science and knowledge in the park environment.

Alborz Science And Technology Park

Science and Technology Park is a unit that:

  • Connected to educational and research institutions.
  • Provides support infrastructure and services, especially real estate and office space, for business units.
  • The task of technology transfer.
  • The task of technology development.

Folowrd has been able to take advantage of the science and technology park with this license.