About Us

Folowrd has been founded to render high quality front end engineering services to Geotechnical, Mining and Underground projects in Iran and the neighboring countries.


Our broad range of Geotechnical Instrumentation¬†and custom designed Equipment is manufactured at our factory in Iran, by a staff of trained, qualified and experienced machinists and assemblers. In particular, FIP, through innovation and experience, has developed a line of Geotechnical Instruments unsurpassed anywhere in Iran. Also Folowrd’s engineering center can design your geotechnical project, from modeling to instrumentation, so our customers never need anyone’s help in field of engineering process.

Folowrd Engineering stands out from the other service companies by adding significant value via its own technical engineering team. A solution from Folowrd Engineering for the costumer companies is in many cases truly a unique, customized offering. And no other company offers the same combination of products, engineering services and 24/7 support.


Geomechanics Laboratory